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Shipping is our natural enviroment. What’s uniqe, we provide all standard legal services with the “blue” technology transfer flavour.

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ICT & Telecom

ICT is the core of our expertise. As specialists in this field, we assist our clients in a wide range of areas, examples include:

  • due dilligence of intangible assets;
  • Open Source compliance and licensing;
  • Interoperability compliance;
  • advising TMT sector and data center providers;
  • introductin data protection framework;
  • negotiating terms for the supply of software, equipment and services for various technologies, including mobile platforms and cloud technologies;
  • advising on Internet-based commercial activities (e-commerce);
  • working with multi-disciplinary teams to coordinate bidding for international supply agreements; and
  • assisting clients to resolve disputes.

Technology transfer

We have worked closely with universities and other research institutions since the firm was established. Our clients are spin-outs from universities or have acquired rights to technology that originated in universities.

As specialists in this field, we assist our clients in a wide range of areas, examples include:

  • negotiating research contracts, collaboration agreements, funding agreements, licensing agreements, EU Framework consortium agreements, CDAs, MTAs, term sheets, option and evaluation agreements, pipeline agreements and consultancy agreements;
  • advising on technology transfer, licensing and spin-out transactions;
  • helping universities to establish policies and procedures in areas such as contract approval, IP ownership, revenue sharing, and conflicts of interest
  • advising on service arrangements between

Maritime sector

Apart from typical issues like registering corporate structures for the shipping industry, making shiparrests, supervising insurance and labour processes (incl. MLC), we pay our attention also to more sophisticated services.

Ship finance

We have many years of experience in the field of asset-backed and corporate finance. Further areas of specialisation include leasing finance and hire-purchase financing. In this context, we provide advice on and draw up the necessary collateral documents.

Shipbuilding / Sale & Purchase

We help you draft shipbuilding contracts and provide advice on existing contracts provided by your contractual partners.

Charters and transport agreements

Charter agreement disputes, freight losses following shipping accidents and in the event of loss or damage to the goods during the ocean or multimodal transport or transhipment, something that has become increasingly important recently, are commonplace in the shipping business.

International Contract Law

We review and prepare national and international agreements and advise you especially on English and German law.

Arbitration and Mediation

‘Alternative Dispute Resolution’ (ADR) is an alternative to official court litigation, and primarily comprises negotiation, mediation and arbitration. We are able to offer advice and support in both your choice of ADR method and in the actual proceedings. We also act as arbitrator / mediators. Rafal Malujda is an arbitrator at the Arbitral Tribunal of German Maritime Arbitration Association (link).

Startup companies

We grow with the startup community from the very beginning, therefore it is a special piece of our work, we pay special attention to. Developing our individual approach an authored programme [code] [build] [growth] founding fathers, startups and investors can be sure, that each element of the startup cycle is considered and well prepared. With such an approach, startups can focus on their main activity – doing business.

Public procurement

We assist the public sector at the establishment of contract documents, framework agreements, qualification criteria, award criteria, questions concerning direct awards, service concession, and negotiated procedures. We give day-to-day legal advice to suppliers making tenders, as well as assisting at applications for reviews, damages or other procedural actions.

Energy sector

We are ready to assist You in the following areas regarding Energy, including Renewable energy sector:

  • Legal issues related to advances technologies, including data processing in the frame of Smart Grids and Smart Metering,
  • Technology transfer, IP strategy, licensing and patent agreements,
  • On shore wind farms (single and multiple turbine installations)
  • Off shore wind farms and associated marine environmental issues
  • Site acquisition for off shore wind farm,
  • Solar parks and solar commercial property installations, Bio mass projects, Wood pellet plants
  • Corporate and contractual structures for investment in roof based solar schemes
  • Private distribution networks including renewable energy supply to participants
  • Equipment purchase agreements
  • Fuel supply agreements

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