Law Office

Rafal Malujda Law Office was established in 2009 by Rafal Malujda, attorney-at-law. Main areas of specialization is ICT & Intellectual Property and Shipping Law. We are a very dynamic, but boutiqe and highly specialized law office, active both internally and abroad.

We are providers of safe harbours for our clients in the very turbulent enviroment and times. For our clients, a team of lawyers and tax advisors is available.

We know – how to manage your case, anywhere in the world, involving our co-operating correspondent lawyers if necessary.

Rafał Malujda

attorney - at - law, LL.M. (Rostock), patent attorney

Rafał Malujda as an attorney-at-law (LL.M.) is a specialist in the IT industry and maritime sector. He received an MBA  with his master thesis entitled “Die Rolle des rechts im Mediations- and Schiedsverfahren” in Rostock, Germany, and completed a course of European Union Law organized by the University of Cambridge. Co-author of the Handbook for R & D institutions, a member of the Legal Network . Arbitrator of the Arbitration Court at the German Maritime Arbitration Association.

Mirosław Jońca

attorney - at - law

Mirosław is attorney – at – law with a huge expierience in labour and social securtity law and procedures. He also advise in tax and administrative procedures, especially related with real estate and real estate administrative procedures.

Agnieszka Wrzeszcz

attorney - at - law trainee

Agnieszka has graduated as a master of law from the Law and Administration Faculty at University of Szczecin where she has started gaining experience by participating in university legal clinic. Now she is aiming to become an attorney-at-law, so Agnieszka is undergoing a legal training at Regional Bar Association in Szczecin.
Agnieszka is a specialist in personal data protection, state aid law, e-commerce and consumer law. Agnieszka also helps clients of the office in corporate structures management.

Agnieszka Zamaro - Wiśniewska

financial auditior

Agnieszka is (financial) auditior / chartered accountant with over 15 years expierience in tax law and accounting, mainly in maritime, new technologies and renewable industries sectors, including international relations. He supports the tax practice  of the office. Full offer: